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Welcome to Partner Portal, a great tool for owners participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) to manage their information with the Housing Authority of Kansas City.

The Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri (also known as HAKC), is thrilled to announce their new headquarters location of 3822 Summit St, Kansas City, MO 64111. Our email addresses and phone numbers are the same. If you have any questions regarding the move or general questions, please contact (816) 968-4100 or check our website at www.hakc.org. We look forward to seeing you at our new location.

Biennial HQS Inspections

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires HAKC to conduct regular inspections of HCV units at least once every 24 months to ensure that owners and tenants comply with all Housing Quality Standards (HQS). Outlined below is a summary of the changes to HAKC inspection policy.

  • HAKC will implement a biennial (two year) inspection schedule, beginning January 2022.

  • Where most units will convert to a biennial inspection frequency, HAKC reserves the right to retain a unit or owner on an annual inspection frequency at HAKC’s discretion or because of inspection history and/or outcomes of complaint inspections.
  • The conversion to the biennial inspection schedule will be completed over a two-year period; half of the inspections will be scheduled for 2022 (Owner Names A-L) and half will be scheduled for 2023 (Owner Names M-Z). Owners and tenants will receive notification letters prior to their new inspection dates.

  • All new admission inspections moving forwarded will automatically go on the biennial schedule

  • On an ongoing basis, units that fail the biennial HQS inspection, but pass the re-inspection will generally remain on a biennial inspection schedule. Units that fail both the biennial HQS inspection will be placed on an annual HQS inspection schedule if rent is abated.

  • Inspection history will NOT be based on tenant-caused HQS violations; however, tenants may be subject to termination of assistance for failure to address tenant caused HQS violations.

  • Owners/agents and tenants cannot opt for their unit to remain on an annual inspection schedule; however, either party may request that HAKC conduct a complaint inspection at any time. Please note that complaint inspections should not be requested until the owner has been contacted by the tenant and given the opportunity to respond to the HQS issue.

  • To ensure that all units remain safe and habitable, HAKC may conduct audit inspections of randomly selected units during the year between scheduled biennial inspections.

  • If an audit inspection or complaint inspection is conducted and the result is two failed HQS inspection and rent is abated, HAKC reserves the right to change the inspection frequency back to an annual inspection schedule.

  • HAKC also reserves the right to change inspection frequency to achieve load balancing.

  • For buildings that currently have multiple clients with subsidies, HCV will schedule these units to be conducted during the same period.


Please direct property management correspondence to ownerforms@hakc.org.


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